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RBC Investment Advisor Wrongdoing Or Client Overreaction?

What is your reaction to this financial matter? 
Is the rookie investor client overreacting? 
Is the financial advisor in the wrong? 
Is RBC also acting incorrectly

1) RBC Advisor Wrongly Puts 100% of clients money in RBC Mutual Fund after being told he only wanted 75% in an RBC Mutual Fund

2) Client Complains To Advisor and is ignored

3) Client Complainst to Advisor again and CC's bank

4) Client applies online overnight for direct investing account to buy stocks with his money not just the mutual fund

5) Bank calls client saying that advisor no longer is with the bank but was not fired he went to "other opportunities" and tells client he will help him setup an account to allow him  to buy stocks as he wished with a portion of his money

6) RBC calls client with a reference number from his online, overnight application for direct investing account to be told that "back office" is instructing her to tell me that the client can not open a direct investing account until he …
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Diamonds and Uranium and Investing Oh My!

About the new diamond mine (Stornoway)  that I own 500 shares of. About half the shares I bought around 2012 were at approximately .66 cents each. Another batch I bought at a later date were around .97 cents and the final batch I bought totalling my share ownership to 500 shares was approximately .73 cents each. Currently the shares are running at around $1.03 which is a good increase for some of my shares. The Stornoway Diamond mine in Quebec is slated to open in December of 2016 so hopefully I can time the selling of some of my shares when they are up. My guess is that they may spike after announcements or press releases in November/December saying the diamond mine is officially opening and shortly after that ... Where I believe they will slowly start to drop over time again with occasional spikes on good press releases.From much of the research I have done into many other mining companies and their share prices ..  It seems the companies highest share prices are found very early wh…

My Latest Decision to Buy

This is a company I saw a few years ago and considered buying shares in way before their shares spiked in price. At the time I discovered them, their shares were around $19.00 each.

I was not prepared at that time to spend that kind of money and I had never even bought shares at all with anyone yet, however, since then, their shares shot up to the $40 range per share, causing them to do what is called a "stock split".. meaning that if you owned 10 shares worth $40 per share, the company reduces the price of the shares by half which makes the shares you own wirth $20/each and doubling the quantify or number of shares you own so everything stays the same for you as an owner.

Before the Split:
You have 10 Shares @ $40 each:
Value = $400.00

After the Slplit:
You have 20 Shares @ $20 each:
Value = $400.00

If you do not yet own own shares the company, a split helps people who want to buy them because now they can afford to buy share at $20/each as opposed to paying $40/each.

All o…

Welcome Message

So, you want to buy shares in a company but you don't know how to interpret the business or technical terms you typically find in a company's Annual Reports, Press Releases, or MD&A reports.

Maybe you don't even know what an MD&A is yet! If not, this blog is for you! Come along with me for the ride as I set out to learn about all of these things are more! If it's in any way related to choosing a company to buy shares from or investing generally speaking I'll try to cover it.

Feel free to contact me by email at if you wish to suggest topics for me to research and write about.

Be sure to click on the "Topics" labels over on the right side of this screen to find posts of interest to you. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find what you are looking for!

BlueScout Files for Bankruptcy (Catch The Wind)

Due to the cost of ongoing legal battles, BlueScout Technologies (SCT) (formerly known as Catch the Wind (CTW) has filed for Bankruptcy. I will try to learn what this means for shareholders as this matter progresses and will post the results below: If you know what happens to shareholders when a company files for bankruptcy please comment below.

I have talked with a former executive of SCT regarding the bankruptcy and asked what happens to shareholder's investments. Basically, what I recall is that your money is more or less... gone. There was mention of the slight possibility of small cheques being handed out to shareholders in some form of compensatory manner, however this is highly unlikely from what I recall. If any shareholders have received any cheques from the company I would love to hear from you, however the smaller your share holdings, the less likely you are to see anything is what I understood as well. Again, all of this was just possibilities but more than likely not …

Possible Share Price Sale Pending?

I know I could be totally wrong on this one, but I just read a press release from a company I hold shares in because of their huge Molybdenum deposit which has yet to be mined, namely Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines (MSQ), wherein it says that a legal action has been taken by a share holder (former board member) to try and overturn a vote of the members.

Reading this press release tells me that it could bring bad news to jumpy share holders and make them start selling off their shares ... if they do that, as far as I know, and again, I am just a rookie, this could lead to dropping share prices, which to someone like me, a small time investor, that could be good news in that I can start buying more shares at a discount!

UPDATE: Jan 11, 2013
At the original date of this post, (March 26, 2012) the shares were at a price of $0.40/share. Over the next six months, due to the uncertainty of legal action between the board members and former board members, the price of the shares dropped drast…

Good News Update on Catch the Wind

I am posting this update to let others know what I am thinking as I hold shares in a company, and how I react to press releases from the companies I hold.

At this particular moment, I am feeling a little optimistic since Catch the Wind (CTW) released a few new press releases demonstrating to me, forward movement or progress. (keeping in mind at all times that I could lose everything at any time)

In one press release dated March 19, 2012, CTW informed us of a partnership between CTW and Sanmina-SCI in Kanata, Ontario, under which a manufacturing services agreement will see Sanmina-SCI  produce and assemble the Vindicator® optical control system (OCS) units at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Kanata, Ontario. Under the agreement, Sanmina-SCI will also provide technical, engineering, design and other professional services related to the manufacture of the OCS. This is great because now CTW has a place that will manufacture the Vindicator OCS units for them and will a…