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My Latest Decision to Buy

This is a company I saw a few years ago and considered buying shares in way before their shares spiked in price. At the time I discovered them, their shares were around $19.00 each.

I was not prepared at that time to spend that kind of money and I had never even bought shares at all with anyone yet, however, since then, their shares shot up to the $40 range per share, causing them to do what is called a "stock split".. meaning that if you owned 10 shares worth $40 per share, the company reduces the price of the shares by half which makes the shares you own wirth $20/each and doubling the quantify or number of shares you own so everything stays the same for you as an owner.

Before the Split:
You have 10 Shares @ $40 each:
Value = $400.00

After the Slplit:
You have 20 Shares @ $20 each:
Value = $400.00

If you do not yet own own shares the company, a split helps people who want to buy them because now they can afford to buy share at $20/each as opposed to paying $40/each.

All of this to say that after the split, Badger's (BAD-T) shares are currently costing around $37 bucks each, and the company is still doing quite well.

Looking at the stock chart the prices although a little high, are in a bit of a dip right now so it might be a good time to buy. Also the summer work season is ahead when business picks up so it might be a good time to get in on the long-term with this great Canadian company.

I am going to slowly start buying shares even if only a few at a time because after reading several of their MD&A and Annual Reports over the past five years or so, I have seen nothing but growth for this company.

They basically go around with their fleet of giant trucks you have seen on the streets which look like big vacuum trucks, with a huge tank and big black hoses on them.. however, Badger Daylighting's trucks are not giant vacuums, they are high-pressure water excavators (diggers) which use water to dig holes in the ground without destroying pipes or other underground infrastructure.

Digging without damage basically. Huge in the oil and gas industry, as well as other utilities and municipalities where you have to get under ground to fix old pipes or stuff like that without digging up the ground and risking the breaking gas, water, and other pipes.

They are expanding and have been for years. With the split stock price and the latest little bit of a dip in the price lately if you have money.. I think I can safely recommend a buy!

If you want to go for investing in a business that is a little different and more interesting and simple to follow and understand this is one of them.

Check out the link below for an article on the company and see their stock price chart at the end to prove what I am talking about regarding their growth and the current "dip" in price.

It is the winter season in Canada so business is a little slow right now at least here, so get in now and watch the growth over the summer. Go long term with these guys I can't see you losing. I am not a professional investment advisor etc.. just going by what I see. Invest at your own risk :)


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